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Hm. A bit of a silence for some time I shall say. I had tons of things to do and some unexpected accidents prevented me from updating my website for quite a long time.

First when I moved to Budapest I left the password for the ftp access at home, and no one could retrieve it for me. And when I got home came the shock. I switched the computer on and the Windows Xp started to whine about some file that is corrupted and that I should use the CD to repair it. Well, I found a .sav version of the file and exchenged it hoping that the problem is sloved. Well to my greatest surprise Windows started to reinstall (!) itself on its own… no comment.

Anyway the password of the ftp access was on my computer as well, and – yes you guessed it right – I have lost it during the windows reinstall. Ack. But cheer up, let the sun shine, etc. as I have the password now. (The support of the service provider sent it to me. :) ) So from now on, I am trying to update somehow regularly. (Note that this is not my first later supposedly unfulfilled promise! ;) )

Yehaw, almost forgot the astonishing news: I got a reader mail! (Well not *that* astonishing as my cousin wrote it… ;) The original letter was in Hungarian, the translation is mine.)

‘I am just browsing and I am shocked how cool, it is… really, it is very much like you. Congratulations!!!
I like the second picture from above in your bio and the picture took in Greece is cute too. Show them to girls, they will surely be impressed…. ;)’

Errr… thanks really! :) Happy to hear that my site is liked. Homework for you, readers: send as many girls as you know to check my site out! :)