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I visited Rubi-Ka for a quarter of an hour, and it made me feel really sad. Actually not sad but sorry for myself. My friends there gained lots of levels, I can’t even team with some of them anymore. This is not fair, that I have no chance to be online just because I live elsewhere. Well, whole life is unfair… I am just sad that things will never be the same again on Rubi-Ka for me.

Anyway I am going to freshmen camp tomorrow. It will end on 30 August. I don’t know if any foreign schools have such ‘camps’. Mainly the whole thing is about playing tricks on the freshmen, and it is a sort of an initiation ceremony. This is why I have some uncertain bad feeling about the whole event.

My horoscope said any travel I am making next week will be pleasant and sucessful. Pity I don’t believe in horoscopes.

Cya all in 5 days! ;)