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deprivation symptomes

I feel like a smoker who tries to abandon smoking. I hate this lack of net. I miss my friends, too. And what bothers me most is that I cannot do anything to change this. No chance.

Well, I will be away from home for the next week so maybe I can put up with this situation until I arrive. Next week there will be a sort of ‘camp’ for freshmen at my university. I hope it will be good, although there are signs of warning. One of my friends came back from his freshmen camp earlier as he felt himself terrible…

Anyway I am supposed to get to know with my fellow students there and gather some info about the uni itself, as well as about the life in it. If everything will go like I described above, it will make a good time I am sure. :)

Hm… I am starting to be very very lazy. As you see I used some phrasal verbs in this post. But: I am not at all sure that those phrasal verbs mean what I think they mean. And: I am toooo lazy to look them up (hehe, this phrase I know…) in a dictionary. It resembles school times that i want to forget for the following one week, until it starts again… Forgive me. :)