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*Yawns* I am sleepy. Yesterday night I spent my last hours online on AO. Early in the morning – oh, well, not that early, 9 o’clolck – I was woken up by my father, operating a metal cutter right under my window. (He is assembling a shelf for the pantry.) The problem is, that tomorrow I will need to get up at the crack of dawn as the whole family is going to {Z├ínka (Hungarian)} to the annual dancing competiton held there. As my brother is a dancer. (He dances with a partner, you know, cha-cha, tango, etc.) This is one of the largest dancing competitons held in Hungary, and this is good because in dancing people need points to advance to a higher level, and you get as many points as the number of pairs you overtook. So more competitors, more possible points. :)

All above sounds a good trip however we don’t have a car. This means we have to go by train, which is slow and exhausting. I pretty much hate trains.

And for those who don’t know, tomorrow (20th August) is a national holiday in Hungary. This is the day of St. Stephen I, the king who made Hungarians settle and who converted us to Christianity. 20 August means a whole-day celebration with the recall of historical events and a huge fireworks at night. Sadly due to the massive flood we have on the Danube, the fireworks was cancelled in Budapest (capital). And we will travel all the day. :(

This flood thing though causes lots of damage and problems by the Danube. In Germany and Austria the situation is even worse than here. Whole cities are in danger. I don’t know why but the nuber of catastrophies connected to the nature seem to increase. Almost every year the river flowing about 300 meters far from our house floods as well due to the massive forest-destructions in Romania. (If they cut the trees down, the snow melts at once not slowly and the rivers cannot deal with that much water.) It’s very frightening to see that the water is almost as high as the dam that protects the houses… I hope next spring we won’t have floods again.