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Double Red

Yesterday night was bad. I had the worst two hours on Anarchy Online ever. An argument, heated to the top, exploded and caused a massive internal crisis between clans. This is most regrettable. The main problem is Tarasque, the dragon, and his loot. I saw my friends teasing and hurting each other, clanners turning against clanners.

And my personal problem: net access. My time on the net is over for this month. This is the end. La finita comedia.

These two things pursued me to the decision to leave my newly created organisation Radiant Heart. The leadership was given to Knightsabre a while ago, when it became clear that my limited online time affects the evolution of the clan in a very negative way. But now I left beacuse this way I am useless, incapable of anything. Sadly.

A little happiness: double {Ferrari} winning at the {Hungarian Grand Prix}. I was a Ferrari-fan since I first started to follow the {F1} races at the age of 6. This means Ferrari won the F1 Constructor’s Championship too. Well done! :)