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The weather status is unchanged. It’s raining again. Affects my mood as well, I am melancholic and sad. I have a sneaking headache in my head too. It’s not strong enough to apply some medicine on it, but it is still there… creeping… lurking… aww. :(

My 40 hours of Internet for this month is gone. Considering it is 14th today, this suxx. Deeply. I will surely go mad if nothing happens to change this unbearable situation of the Net access here. I would have work to do, i need to grab pictures from Anarchy Online for the site, but offline there is no chance.

My only happiness is a new adventure game: {Syberia}. I just started it, and had not too much time to play, but it still seems a masterpiece. I will write more about it, I am positive, if I finished it.

I hope at least you, others, out there have a better day.