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Busy day again. Radiant Heart started to grow, we have six members at the moment. I have started to design a website for the guild as well. I am continuously designing websites. First, now Radiant Heart’s. This can be a good thing, but flashing HTML and CSS codes when shutting my eyes are certainly not.

And the weather is bad too. It is cloudy, relatively cold, wet and unpleasant outside. But however thick is the layer of clouds above, I still don’t think it will rain. This part of Hungary is the most driest of all. In summer there are three-finger-wide cracks in the soil as sometimes weeks pass without rain. So due to my own statistics if the sky is clouded even heavily there is only a chance of one to nine that it will rain.Thats why I almost never bring an umbrella with me. And this is why I get soaked many times. :)

Yehaw, and movies again. Yesterday I watched two films! :)
First one was {Dragonfly} ({IMDB}) starring Kevin Costner. (The following lines include spoilers, if you want to see the movie, don’t read.) This is about a theme that was very popular some years ago but surprisingly still not forgotten: supernatural. Kevin Costner plays a doctor in this movie, whose wife dies in an accident somewhere in South-America where she cures children. However even after her death strange things start to happen. Children in her hospital see weird things in coma, her parrot gets crazy, and a wavy cross appears everywhere, that resembles a dragonfly. (She was keen on dragonflies.) The story starts a little slow but then it folds out and it becomes really interesting in my opinion. there are some thrilling scenes as dead people come to life again, while Costner’s wife is using them to try to get in contact with his husband. It is spooky and weird. And the ending is a great surprise. In these kind of movies the ending can be a great disappointment, in this case it is not. The greatest twist of the story is here, it is a real relief and a close. All in all this is a good film, I liked it.

The next movie I saw – late at night, brrr – was {Resident Evil} ({IMDB}). It is a film based on the video game sequel of the same title. However I have never played with them, as they are mainly console games, and I do not have a console. And the PC version sucks. Anyway this movie was better than my expectations. It starts very impressive. For the first tens of minutes you can’t really figure out what is going on and why are things happening in the film. The main characters of the film have memory loss, but so does the one who is seeing the film. The plot reveals backwards as the story goes on, de to the regular memory flashbacks.

The plot is not that unique but this structure makes it unique. And aside from the relatively strong story line, one can see impressive special effects and tons of ugly zombies and creatures that can really frighten you if you are watching the movie alone at night… :) And lastly but not leastly the film stars Milla Jovovich. She runs through the movie in a hot red dress sometimes carrying an axe or a pistol even. She is really amazing, her penetrating eyes and sometimes wild outlook very much suits the character she plays. And when you think you are out, and it is over… well, my friend said this about the film when I got it from him: “It ends so that a new movie could be started right from there.”