Engineering Manager | Trail Runner | Stockholm, Sweden


I may be insane. I am writing an online journal for myself as it is still offline. Weekend is coming and there is still no sign of my webspace contract. And I am bored like hell. I can’t play AO only at night (Damn Matav), I wrote tons of emails to which there is still no answer to read, I read all my books, and I cannot buy any new ones.

I started to play Jazz and Faust, an adventure-game which I got with the gaming magazine ({GameStar (Hungarian)}) I am a subscriber of. I abandoned it soon. It is translated into Hungarian, but the translation has misunderstandings even at the first couple of lines, it has many bugs and the feeling is so much screwed up with the translation that I left it alone. I wish I had it in English. I think I need to visit my friend and get some DVD-rips so that I can kill the time until I can go online again.