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40 nights with Hungarian Telecom

A brand new day again. It is pretty cold, the sun is clouded, and the wind blows fiercely. I really need to do something about my internet-problem, it is not the best if I go to bed at 3 am and wake at 11 am. Not at all the best.

Anyway I hope can be online soon, as I have posted all the required documents and now I am waiting for my contract to be arrived. As far as I know I will get a free subdomain while my domain name request is processed. We will see.

I was at the cinema yesterday and saw {40 days and 40 nights}. I had a very good time watching it. It may not be a too mannish view – even at my age (19) – but I liked the part best when they were petting each other with flowers. The idea of being pet by a girl with a flower made me tingle all over… All in all I think the movie had a good balance of romance and humor. It isn’t one people remember and talk about for a long time, but the main task – having fun while watching it – was accomplished by it I think.

I wonder what the guys are doing at {Funcom}. {AO} is silent now. No patch or bugfix. This can mean two things: 1) They are all having holiday. (Why not, it is summer!) 2) They are working on a huge patch. (Ack. How will I be able do download it with my 64k ISDN?) In my humble opinion they have many things to fix. Somehow there are bugs that remain in the game however much do people complain about them…