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Monday. Most people don’t like this day very much. I hated Mondays when school was on its way. However now I am not at home. I am currently visiting my cousin in {Budapest} (capital of Hungary). So Monday means nothing else but a brand new day for making a website, watching TV and strolling in the nearby forest.

About the development of my site. I asked for an offer from a local web services provider ({}) and I hope can soon be online first on a subdomain while I am waiting for my domain contract to be accepted.

Yesterday I watched a {tennis match} (Is it called a match? Or a game? I don’t know…). Dukic vs. Venus Williams. Venus won easily to my great sadness. I liked Dukic more. I have an unexplained dislikness towards the Williams sisters. During the match Venus played tennis like a robot, without a smile, without a single emotion on her rock-like face. She played awesome of course, reached balls no one can, etc. But still…
Dukic was more like a human. She started good. However to beat a Williams one needs to play tennis without a single mistake. And even playing so can’t be enough. So Dukic’s good start wasn’t enough either. Dukic played her best, and lost. But she smiled anyhow, and thats why I liked her more. It must be a real menthal stress to live with the fact that however great her efforts are they are still in vain. I hope someday someone will beat the Williams sisters. For – like Bilbo’s long life and wealth – their supremity is unnatural, and being so one day it must be payed for.
Go, Go Dukic! :)