Ustream: Shrimp Tank

Emlékeztek, amikor a Duna TV-n műsorzárás után egy akváriumot adtak? Nálunk a magyar iroda garnélás akváriumát lehet nézni élőben, meg időnként az üvegen át az embereket, akik elhaladnak mögötte.

Requiem for the Indifferent Tour

Tonight’s real show was started by Xandria. I think they were somewhat surprised of the warm reception, being a support act and all. I for one would have gone to see them solo.

Then, Epica. I think they are still holding on to the throne of best symphonic metal act by far. Their musical mastery is only second to their humility. And Simone is breathtaking. Oh, we also got to jump around to the disco-ified The Phantom Agony again.

Marge Akusztik

The venue’s roof’s actually a fishpond – lacking fish – hence the new name, Aquarium. But not once did we look up while Marge sang.

I know you still remember and I still remember you know.

I don’t wanna lie anymore, it wasn’t you.

But I don’t know you…

Drums – Kristóf Gulyás
Bass – Áron Farkas
Guitar – Dániel Kardos
Saxophone – Dávid Ülkei
Piano & Vocals – Marge
Guest – Mc Zeek

Marge at Sirály

Who would have thought I’ll see these two playing together.

The question remains however, that if these latest shows are meant to introduce the second album, then where is it? I couldn’t even find out the title of the song I recorded.


Igen, vagyok annyira őrült, hogy egy LEGO készlet összerakását streameltem élőben. Egészen vicces volt; lehet, hogy még lesz ilyen. Ez a lámpaszerelő autó lett a végtermék: