Sky High

So, does your company have its own superhero?

Check out ours: he’s called Sky High (スカイハイ) and he’s the King of Heroes in the Japanese anime television series Tiger and Bunny (タイガー&バニー).

He is very cheerful, optimistic and polite. His abilities include being able to control the wind and air currents and he can fly with the assistance of his jetpack. The front of his uniform is branded with the Ustream logo.

Quote of the week

The original was deleted – probably with good reason – so the source of this shall remain undisclosed:

I imagined myself crawling out from the debris of our collapsed hospital and dialing maintenance: ‘Good day, I’m calling from the psychiatric ward, a satellite just hit us.’


Igen, vagyok annyira őrült, hogy egy LEGO készlet összerakását streameltem élőben. Egészen vicces volt; lehet, hogy még lesz ilyen. Ez a lámpaszerelő autó lett a végtermék: