sesam is Péter Szilágyi, Engineering Manager at IBM Cloud, residing in Budapest, Hungary. This is his playground.

Most Mizu Pontosan

These two are ones of the most popular Youtube videos in Hungary these days: Most múlik pontosan by Quimby (with the subsequent cover by Csík Zenekar) and Mizu by Fluor.

Brace yourselves: Hó Márton, frontman of Hó Márton és a Jégkorszak, created a lo-fi bedroom mashup of the two.

Ho Marton: Most Mizu Pontosan by homarton

While on Soundcloud you might want to check out their other songs which they describe as “two-chord lo-fi songs for one guitar and one-chord lo-fi songs for two guitars”. Szerelmes voltam (I was in love) was recorded in a bathroom (apparently). Hó Márton és a Jégkorszak has a blog and a Facebook page as well.