Black X

These days when going home I’m usually exhausted, mostly not physically just mentally. Zombified would be the word.

Anyway, I’m fighting back. Inspired by the marathon relay I decided it was time I did something about my development as a long distance runner.

Armed with a lent book in the following days I plan to finalize a training schedule and – when I have the money for it – sign up for both the 25th Nike Budapest Half-Marathon (5 September) and the 25th SPAR Marathon (26 September).

With that I’ve also decided to pursue a more or less straight edge lifestyle: I wouldn’t for the life of me go vegan but I can drink less alcoholic beverages and coffee for sure.

We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Én is mindig megfogadom, hogy egészségesebben élek és nem iszom többet ennyit… aztán mégis. :o)
    Kezd 11.-e után az önsanyargatást, akkor nem tudlak elcsábítani vagy két hónapig.

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