This post holds little information for non-WoW players.

The reason I haven’t posted in more than a week is that the expansion to World of Warcraft came out. I have spent enough time in front of the computer as it was, and didn’t have the motivation to blog really.

It’s also the fact that I kind of like the changes and improvements WotLK brought. The new areas are breathtaking, instances included. Just flying around and observing is great fun. Also the new quests and places to explore are a welcome change from the umpteenth dungeon run or raid.

I started off with Silq, my warrior. However what begun as checking out the new hero class, evolved into a complete change of plans and now I’m leveling my death knight, Milq, instead. To be honest I was caught right on the character selection screen when I saw the looks…

Other than playing a bit more than usual there really is nothing happening around here. Same classes, same boredom, same frustrations.

9 Replies to “WotLK”

  1. Youkai: frost

    Yuki: a bloof elf és undead lányok megkapták a gnómok hatalmas copfjait… :P

    FoodLFG: szépen rájátszik a videó a sztereotipikus játékosokra. A srácokon nagyon vigyorogtam, akik betanulták a night elf táncot.

  2. Wow… blood elfek még hagyján, az még valószínűleg a férfinép kedvéért került be. …de undead csajok copffal xD;

    Ami a videón betanulós embereket illeti: Nem tudom figyeltétek-e, de volt aki azoknak a fa-szerű szörnyeknek a táncát tanulta be, akik a Silvermoon-hoz közeli kezdő pont körül vannak 8D (véletlen sem jutna eszembe a név)

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