Black Thursday in pictures

R.I.P. MacBook HDD (Thumbnail)

Featuring the dead drive on the left, above that the metal plate that holds the drive in with the nasty screws on it, the new drive on the right, the L-bracket and two screwdrivers. R.I.P. 80G of data. (Clicky for bigger.)

2 Replies to “Black Thursday in pictures”

  1. Oh, for eagle-eyes, other stuff you can see:

    The corner of my bed with the blue sheets on.
    One of my plates with sunflower-print.
    The side of my linux box.
    The iPod, connected to the hi-fi, because I can’t live without music.
    A clip for hanging clothes.
    A shot glass (contained tequila). (/wave fijk319)
    My Nescafé coffee mug, signed by Meg Ryan.
    Various cables.
    My curtain.

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