Neil signing in Japan

I’ve just read in Neil’s Journal that he will be doing an event after all: a signing in his publisher’s office on Firday, the 21st of September at 6.30. The only little detail missing is if it’s am or pm. It’s 6.30 pm. The address he gave is Kadokawa Shoten, 2-13-3 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8177 (角川書店、東京都千代田区富士見2−13−3)

Now since nothing’s easy to find in Japan, especially if you don’t speak the language I thought I might be of a little assistance.

Here’s a Google map showing the address at number 13. The text 角川書店本社ビル refers to the other building of the same company at number 12.

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If you zoom out (twice) you’ll be able to see the closest railway station at the upper center called Iidabashi Station (飯田橋駅). It’s on the JR Chūō Main Line, which starts from the easy-to-find Tokyo Station (東京駅). Chūō Main Line has orange trains. Iidabashi is the fourth stop from Tokyo. You’ll have to change trains at the third stop from Tokyo called Ochanomizu (お茶の水). The platform is the very same, the line’s called Chūō-Sōbu Line, and the trains are yellow or have a yellow stripe on them. The next station will be Iidabashi.

A more stylised map is available from web KADOKAWA, the company’s website, which shows the JR station and several underground stations with the two buildings. 2-13 is the address of the Northern one.

Kadokawa Shoten access map

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  1. Hi.
    I came here from Neil’s journal. Your posting this map is very thoughtgul!

    But I don’t think the Chuo Main line (orange train) stop at Iidabashi Station. If you take Chuo Main line from Tokyo station, you need to change at Ochanomizu(お茶の水). You take Sobu line (yellow train) and Iidabashi is the second station. Chuo Main line and Sobu line is on the same platform at Ochanomizu, you won’t miss it.

  2. The Sobu Line connects Chiba and Tokyo. What you’ve been thinking of is the Chuo-Sobu line. It does indeed have yellow trains and goes between Mitaka and Chiba without going to Tokyo Station. Instead it crosses the Yamanote Line at Akihabara.

    So you could change to Chou-Sobu at Ochanomizu, but from there those two run parallel. Nevertheless the Chuo Main trains stop at Iidabashi as well.

    Only thing I understood from the timetable is that Chuo Main only serves local trains in the early morning and late night, and the express ones don’t stop at Iidabashi…

    So you were right after all, thanks for the useful comment.

  3. Sorry I wasn’t very clear.

    The Sobu line I referred was the Chuo-Sobu line. It has yellow trains or silver trains with a yellow (horizontal) line. The Chuo Main line is express from Tokyo to Nakano (? ), so it doesn’t stop between Ochanomizu and Yotsuya(四谷).
    You need to change trains at one of these two stations.
    (If you come from Shinjuku(新宿), you should change at Yotsuya.)

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