Deathly Hallows

It would suffice to say I didn’t quite sleep much.

I heard that there had been pirated copies in various formats circling the Internet long before the official release. People who read them claimed that if they were fakes, they were masterfully written filled with plot twists and a mind-boggling conclusion that matched the grandeur of the saga. I assume that those copies were not fakes. And I can only pity those who succumbed to believing the rumors, because the real thing is just so much more elegant and exhilarating.

And all is well, it has indeed ended, there will be no more. I know, as I am sure you will too, if you don’t already.

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  1. Meg szerencse, hogy a vizsgaidoszak csuszott par hettel… Emlekszem korabbi evekben elegge kiszurt veled hogy mindig akkor jon ki az uj konyv amikor eszementen tanulni kellene…

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