content update! Well, firstly I discovered (more like re-discovered) sLD recommended it once but I was too busy to look into it. And boy, what I missed out on! Basically the site offers a client for different platforms that watches what you listen to. Besides building a database there are various nifty stuff on the site based on your musical taste like a radio, recommendations, an event calendar, etc. The Mac client works like a charm but I didn’t manage to make the linux one actually recognise what I’m playing. It’s all well though as Audacious happens to have a scrobbler plugin built-in that sends the required data. The client is still quite beta anyway.

As a result there’ll be a weekly top 5 artists block based on my data on the statusbar on the right presented by a vampire girl…

The other cool thing about the concept that it’s free and all the plugins are OpenSource software released under the GNU GPL. Why is the latter important? Well, there’s the idea in economics called vendor or proprietary lock-in. Makes perfect sense. You invent something fancy and hip and you let everyone use it freely. People see it’s good and they are happily getting addicted. They don’t care much about the fact that you are holding the exclusive rights for the invention. Doesn’t matter, it’s free! Except it’s not anymore: when you have enough people hooked you start asking for money. But by then your invention is a de facto standard, there is no replacement, or if there is the costs to change are huge. People are screwed, but they have no choice…

Remember that when Skype will start charging.

On a happier note: I added two albums to the Gallery. A very very late one about the Earth Celebration ’06 in Sadogashima and another filled with pictures of my summer at home.

Also if you are a Lala Lander this might help you recreate some pleasant moments. *evil laugh*

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