sesam is Péter Szilágyi, Engineering Manager at IBM Cloud, residing in Budapest, Hungary. This is his playground.

no news is good news?

Mostly I’m too tired to work on posts. Without trying to appear big-headed… well, quite hard to explain: when I write about something I strive for excellence. Please, disregard the results for a second. I may or may not achieve anything beyond ordinary / terrible / utterly boring. However there is an idea I always have about each and every post, how it should sound, what it should convey. And to make it so I look up words, read source materials, find webpages, and so on. And it all takes time, determination and motivation which I sometimes don’t have after a long day. There are times when I can catch up though and I carefully register all want-to-post moments and events in order to make them real one day.