Earth created

Happened to issue a calendar command on linux today and this came up:

sesam@serenity ~ $ calendar
Oct 23 Earth created at 6:30 AM, 4004BC.

Just for you to know. :)

(And I am not going to post in English. It’s just a coincidence that two consecutive posts would only make sense in English anyway.)

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  1. My first result for today isn’t that bad, either :)

    sirlandy@lafiel:~$ calendar
    Oct 24 Boromir reaches Rivendell
    Oct 24 Independence Day in Zambia
    Oct 24 United Nations Day
    Oct 24* Labour Day in New Zealand
    Oct 24 Maladay (5th of the Season of The Aftermath) Festival of The Elder Malaclypse
    Oct 24 Bonne fête aux Florentin !
    Oct 24 Международный день ООН
    Oct 24 Hobart Show Day (Tas)
    Oct 24 Día Nacional de la Astronomía

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