sesam is Péter Szilágyi, Engineering Manager at IBM Cloud, residing in Budapest, Hungary. This is his playground.

calculus failed

The sun is still shining, and the snow remained. It is cold outside with a nasty icy wind. However from the inside it looks very calm and nice. While going to Budapest I was just staring out of the window of the carriage admiring the snow-covered nature. And at 11:30AM I failed my analysis exam. As a matter of fact the failure is not official yet, as it was a written exam and the results will be available only tomorrow. However I am absolutely positive I failed. I simply didn’t solve enough problems to get the sufficient points to pass.

There are two exams in a semester. Both written and worth 50 points. 40 points are to be gathered to pass (from the 2 exams summed up) but neither of the exams can be worse than 15 points. I had 30 points on the first one, but now I am sure in 5 points only… and that is much less than needed.

This is not unique at all: my best friend says he won’t have any points at all. I am not alone.