sesam is Péter Szilágyi, Engineering Manager at IBM Cloud, residing in Budapest, Hungary. This is his playground.


Hm. No update since the law exam (it was VERY easy…) again, but now I have pretty strong excuses:

Firstly I am sick, I have fever and all this stuff… it is likely a virus and I do hope I will be healthy again after a few days. Luckily it caught me yesterday, not a day before, because I had a mathematical analysis exam that day. About analysis: it was far easier than I was told and expected. Maybe I misunderstood things but I could solve the problems pretty fast… Lets hope I did everything right and the exam was easy for real.

Secondly… well you must have noticed it. Yep. The new site design. I thought I need a cooler site than was, one that reflects my current skills in image-editing. :) If you like it – or not – feel free to drop me a {mail}.